Want to see first hand how the magic happens?

Looking for an interesting activity for your class, Brownie/Cub's group, school paper, or just downright curious about what we do to help out our environment?

At GFL Environmental we have nothing to hide, in fact we encourage everyone to come to our facility and see what we do. At our facility you can see what happens to BC’s various used materials from the automotive, light & heavy duty industries we're collecting from.  Such as: used oil, oil filters, various types of contaminated plastics, used antifreeze, and other petroleum related waste materials. We are unique to the BC marketplace as we are the only collector and processor who handles all of these products under one roof and deals locally whenever possible.

Don’t be shy, come on down!

To Book Your Tour Contact:

Jamie Turner
Business Development, Ecofreez
Phone: 604-618-4646
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.