What does my engine coolant do?
Coolant for your car is like water for your body. Hi quality properly formulated coolant is designed to regulate your vehicles running temperature so its always at the optimum temperature to run most efficiently, It also is designed to not freeze at sub zero temperatures, hence the term antifreeze. It is also formulated to keep your engine safe by preventing any corrosion and pitting to the internal parts of your engine.
Why is coolant mixed 50/50 with water?
The main ingredient in coolant, ethylene glycol does not function well as a coolant or antifreeze unless it is properly mixed with water. Adding concentrated coolant to your radiator will not improve your antifreeze/cooling abilities, actually quite the opposite. Adding straight concentrate coolant will offer next to no protection and can potentially cause issues down the road.
Why is it important to have coolant pre-mixed with distilled/de-ionized water?
Having a coolant already pre-mixed with distilled/de-ionized water removes the potential for contaminants being added to your system. Using concentrated coolant and then adding tap water compromises the coolant’s performance because tap water is simply inconsistent. Depending on the season and the source of your tap water the amount of highly corrosive chlorides and PH level balance (acidity and alkalinity) is inconsistent. You can have the best coolant in the world, as soon as it is mixed with tap regular tap water you have compromised the products performance.
What Type of coolant is right for my vehicle?
Coolant these days come in all the colors of the rainbow. A lot of this is to due with identifying manufacturers specific requirements. In the market today, despite all of the different colors available, there are three fundamentally different types of coolant additives. Hence the three types of automotive coolants we offer. For most vehicles pre 1996, our Ecofreez Universal Premium coolant is the product of choice. Ecofreez Extended Life Coolant is primarily based for vehicles that require a coolant that has OAT (organic acid technology) based additives. Ecofreez Global Coolant is designed to be compatible with any type of coolant, it is also a light yellow “chameleon” color, which makes it fantastic for top-ups, or complete fluid changes.
For further information about specific applications, please refer to our product specification sheets under the products tab.
Where can I recycle my used coolant?
Never pour used coolant on the ground or down the drain.  Coolant is harmful to the environment and extremely toxic to animals and humans.  Collection centres are set up in most cities.  Contact your local automotive parts retailer or mechanic shop to find the one nearest you. Or if convenient, you can bring your used coolant directly to GFL Environmental (7890 Vantage Way, Delta BC).