The Ecofreez Manufacturing Process
Our many years of involvement in recycling associations,  ASTM and widespread networking within the industry has enabled us to conduct extensive research, testing and experimentation on an array of processes, equipment, chemicals and resources.
To reclaim waste antifreeze, we use a state-of-the-art automated vacuum distillation/de-ionization units. These remove virtually all contaminants found in used antifreeze, including engine-corroding chlorides and sulfites. The result is a reclaimed product that is indistinguishable from virgin ethylene glycol. At this point, a proprietary formulation of corrosion inhibitors is added, creating a premium product that offers maximum protection.
All Ecofreez Premium Recycled Coolant products are pre-mixed 50/50 with deionized water and ethylene glycol for ease of use and optimum performance.