Definition: is a form of spin in which green PR or green marketing is deceptively used to promote the perception that an organization's aims and policies are environmentally friendly. Whether it is to increase profits or gain political support, green washing may be used to manipulate popular opinion to support otherwise questionable aims.
With Ecofreez, there is no Greenwashing. Period.
Our daily decisions have a direct impact on the environment. By choosing Ecofreez, you are reducing antifreeze waste in the environment and contributing to the reuse of a non-renewable resource.
All our products not only meet the highest quality standards, but Ecofreez innovation and green practices to reduce costs and minimize the impact on the environment. 
The upcycling of Ecofreez uses 20% of the energy to produce versus virgin ethylene glycol and about 20 times less than propylene glycol.  That combined with the convenience of a premixed, ready to use product, just makes a whole lot more sense.
From beginning to end, our mindset is to reduce the carbon footprint and offer environmentally safer products that meet or exceed international standards. As a carbon neutral company, our Ecofreez brand is structured to consider the environment first when taking on any new project.
The Bitter Stuff
Ethylene glycol, a main component in antifreeze, is a sweet tasting liquid that is extremely toxic to animals and humans. To deter accidental ingestion, all Ecofreez products contain an inert and odorless bittering agent known as BitrexTM.